Past, Present, & Future – We are Tradeswomen.

We are out there grafting in every industry across Ireland.

From day one, WITNI set out to galvanize a nationwide network of tradeswomen for meet-ups, skill-sharing, support, and cross-industry advice.  We have been bringing women of all ages together for educational and inspirational peer networking events.

Why is this important?

90% of the Irish tradeswomen we have met hadn’t even spotted another woman in the trades before embarking on their own career path. 50% of the women who have attended our events had never met another woman in the trades.

The women involved with WITNI have shared wonderful experiences and offered each other opportunities for career progression. Some have travelled with us to overseas conferences as representatives of our respective trades.

Many of us didn’t have any female role models in the trades when we were younger. So we are passionate about making our homegrown tradies visible to the next generation. Through digital storytelling, a presence in national media, and online career bios, we reach educational and industry leaders here and overseas.

Here are some of the things that these tradies have said about our meet-ups:

“The trip to cork was a great laugh, but most importantly I came away from it with more friends and people who I know I can call upon.”

“Great organisation. I am delighted to be part of it.”

“It has made a big difference to me knowing that there’s a network of women who I can talk to for advice and reassurance.”

“It is the invaluable support and outlet that I didn’t know I needed when I started out in the trades.”

“It has given me the chance to meet some inspirational women and an opportunity to encourage women new to the trades to go for their dreams.”

“A great platform for women to be a part of —  if they are in the trades or are interested in them.”

“I’m just really glad WITNI is there.

Why contact us?

  • You would like to be notified about upcoming peer-networking events or get involved with WITNI activities.
  • You are looking for work.
  • You are looking for a good fit in a course or certified training.
  • You would like to share some news on our social media about a great opportunity for women.
  • You are thinking about volunteering to take on another woman for work experience for a short time.
  • You would like to make a suggestion for an event.
  • You would like to include your story in our career bio section to inspire other women to take up your trade.
  • You would like to volunteer some time with WITNI.
  • You want to be part of the campaign to promote tradeswomen and are enthusiastic about the idea of being contacted for media interviews: Radio, TV, or newspapers.
  • You want to say hi and find out more about what we do.