Skills shortage, right? You are not alone!

WITNI has been working with employers  to increase female engagement and diversify the workforce.

Most likely, right now, it is not just female applicants you are seeking, but there are several ways that we can work with you to:

  • Highlight the opportunities available within your company to women across Ireland.
  • Create initiatives that support the women within your workforce.
  • Support workplace retention by connecting your tradeswomen with others around the country.
  • Develop creative solutions for your company to interact with the wider community and make your mark as a champion of inclusivity and diversity.

For a long time career opportunities in industries such as construction, energy and transport have been targeted at 50% of the population. Our work at WITNI has shown that women are not just enthusiastic about careers ‘on the tools’, but are also exceptionally good in these roles.

We have found it rewarding to work with companies on the recruitment and retention of women in their workforce.

To date we have worked on female participation in skilled trades as well as STEM fields. If you would like WITNI to help you stimulate progress in your work environment or educational programme, contact us at hello@witni.ie.

We would love to hear from you.