Jenny Thompson

Painter & Decorator

"All the women who have gone through their apprenticeship with our company have gone on to work for themselves and have set up their own successful businesses, which is fantastic."

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Ingeborg Kjellberg

Machine Excavator

“I am now licensed to drive excavators, wheeled loaders, dump trucks, dozers and scrapers. Basically all machines except backhoe loaders. I despise them! I also have been taught how to read maps and maintain do simple repairs on the vehicles.”

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Sarah Murphy

Quality Engineer

“Growing up, I always knew I wanted to do something in the line of engineering. I started a city & guilds course in mechanical engineering which led on to getting a degree in manufacturing engineering. During the summers and weekends, I worked as a welder.”

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Stina Sandstrom

Bricklayer & Graphic Designer

“We shoot time lapses of the site from the same spot up on a hill every day. The builder and the architect work together solving problems and come up with new solutions bit by bit. In these moments the site is full of good vibes!”

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Joelle Smyth

Apprentice Electrician

“I knew that going down this route meant that I was going to be faced with some challenges that might be potentially difficult to overcome. Namely, the major change of working outside on a site versus being in a classroom.”

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Sara Murphy

Carpenter & Maker

“There’s something primal in the satisfaction of making. It connects to that part of us that yearns to be self-sufficient and also to the creative within us. Looking at a finished object that you’ve created is amazing.”

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Kate Meleady

Aircraft Engineer

“I am proud of the purpose in what I do for a living. It is important work and it’s important to do it right – all the time. I also really like working in an environment where it doesn’t matter at all what you look like or what kind of ‘odd’ you are, because it’s what you actually do that matters”

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Polly Donnellan

Coded Welder

“In 1981 I passed the Asme9, X-Ray standard pipe welding exam and became the first woman in Ireland to succeed in the test”

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Lisa Foley


“A great advantage of having a trade like electrics/ plumbing etc., is that generally that you can use your skills in other countries. I did a stint in the Caribbean for a while working on big yachts and their electrical systems. What’s not to like about that!”

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Nuala Ward

Self-Taught Tradeswoman

“Experiment with tools and you will find the tools that work for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and embrace mistakes because that’s where knowledge is gained!”

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Gemma Linehan

Apprentice Mechanic

“I found that I really enjoyed working with my hands rather than sitting in an office or a classroom for the day because I am the sort of girl that likes to keep on my feet and move around. “

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