Right About Now

We figured it was time to change the scenery for women who have an interest in skilled trades. Those who are perhaps already one of the less than 5% working on construction sites in Ireland. Alternatively also, for the women who consider learning to use tools. For work or hobby, the desire is similar. To be able to follow the passion provides great satisfaction for many across the globe.

woman industrial abseiling rope access oil and gas off-shore

WITNI is where you can ask questions and be exposed to stories from professionals and apprentices within the industry. Where you can discover more about training and employment options that currently exist. And in turn, consider where there's room for improvement. 

The latest projections from the Irish building industry indicate that we need to access a vast pool of employees over the next 4 years. Hence, there’s no better time for women of Ireland to expand skill sets into this domain. We are currently engaged in outreach activities around the country. We are also close to a lot of big construction action right now, based in Wicklow, near South Dublin.  In 2017 we are expanding our engagement with employers, schools and communities nationwide. Our goal is to improve access for women into trades related jobs. We are thankful to the wonderful men and women that we have worked alongside during our many combined years in construction & trades so far. Our evolving network is excited about the future. We know, first hand,  how well a diverse work site benefits the quality of life for everyone involved.  


Together we are stronger!