“It has been so important for me that women have come together to support each other in the different male-dominated trades. The help I have received through WITNI has been so valuable to me. My confidence has grown enough to pursue my apprenticeship, knowing that I am not alone”.


Apprentice Mechanic

WITNI is an independent grassroots initiative that celebrates working Irish tradeswomen and those seeking careers in the skilled trades.

Jen Kelly started building Women In Trades Network Ireland in 2016. Her international and local experiences as an industrial abseiler in construction and energy motivated her to create Ireland’s first tradeswomen’s network.

The focus: to cultivate resources and serve the unmet needs of our peers and tradeswomen in the making.

Since 2016, we have connected past, present and future tradeswomen across the country. Through digital storytelling, we have raised the visibility of Irish women in their professions and altered the visual landscape of our industries. These tradies have inspired others to ‘pick up the tools’ and also mentored others as they, in turn, pursue their careers.

We work with employers who are keen to see their workforce diversify. This we have found to be a really rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Women thrive in trades roles. We no longer want to be the ‘less than 1%’ present onsite.

WITNI works to remove the barriers women face entering and working in non-traditional careers. With the current cross-industry skills shortage in Ireland, there is no better time for women to enter the trades — and for employers to truly support a diverse workforce.

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