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“Have a passion for it. Look forward to going to work every day. It’s not work if you love what you do. Don’t settle for sameness. Women are different from men. We always were and always will be. Adapt to the working methods and be flexible. But don’t lose yourself. With that attitude, I’ve had no problem at all. Have a willingness to learn and a positive attitude. Know what you’re talking about, but don’t take yourself too seriously. You can overcome any obstacle.”

Martha George, Stone and Brick Mason and President of the Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA), Ontario, Canada

"While the recession was on us there simply weren't the jobs there to promote. But now things are picking up, the opportunities are there, for all genders, for all ages.

Margaret Reilly,
Cabinet maker & Director,
Grand Designs, Kitchens & Bedrooms

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It's so interesting this job. You're constantly learning.
You don't have to go to the same place for work every day.
It's not as hard as people might think.
Don't let the ideal of a male dominated industry put you off.
Just go for it."

Sally Liddell,

Right Connection Electrical,


We believe in a rewarding environment on work-sites nationwide for everyone, regardless of gender.

Through advocacy, we promote women around the country pursuing jobs that are a reflection of the things they love and want to learn in construction or any industry.

Unifying a desire to learn and a forward thinking attitude with the active encouragement of industry leaders, we know that together we can improve the capacity of the industry in Ireland to fulfill its economic requirements in the coming years of industry growth.

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Career Stories

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Stina Sandstrom, Bricklayer & Graphic Designer

“We shoot time lapses of the site from the same spot up on a hill every day. The builder and the architect work together solving problems and come up with new solutions bit by bit. In these moments the site is full of good vibes!”

Sara Murphy, Carpenter & Maker

“There’s something primal in the satisfaction of making. It connects to that part of us that yearns to be self-sufficient and also to the creative within us. Looking at a finished object that you’ve created is amazing.”

Joelle Smyth, Apprentice Electrician

“I knew that going down this route meant that I was going to be faced with some challenges that might be potentially difficult to overcome. Namely, the major change of working outside on a site versus being in a classroom.”

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Hear about Irish Tradeswomen

“It all began when I was younger seeing my grandfather and father having such dedication and interest, so determined, so much passion that always made me wonder what it was like to have a job that was completely different. That every day you are learning something new, not just a job where you turn around in the morning and think to yourself “ugh work in the morning” instead a job that I also felt passion for."